pieces-2Erin has never really known who she is or what she wants. That is, until she meets her new University flatmate Allen.

Reckless, eccentric and creative, Allen is everything Erin doesn’t have the courage to be and she’s immediately drawn to him. She’s sure he feels the attraction too, until he starts dating their mutual friend Charlotte instead.

Then one night changes everything.

When a drunken mistake leaves Charlotte fighting for her life, the victim of a car accident, there’s only one question everyone’s asking: what really happened? Erin has an answer to that, more than one in fact, but running from the truth is far easier than facing up to it…

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Hope Weller has a grudge against the world. Tired of living with her controlling older sisters, she runs away from home only to faint and wake up in the house of a strange boy called Ash with mesmerising, chocolate eyes.

Roped into staying with him for the summer, Hope is determined not to enjoy herself. Ash seems determined to change that, and figure out the dark secret she’s hiding. However when Ben Hastle, the resident pyromaniac, suddenly takes an interest in her ad Ash proves to be not all he seems, Hope has to decide who to trust to finally settle an old score.

Chaos and broken plates are sure to ensue. But from the shattered porcelain, can something else blossom as well?

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